Sonic Pump Studios förnyade tekniken


  • Avid Pro Tools | S6 M40
  • Pro Tools | MTRX
  • 3x Genelec The Ones 8351
  • 4x Genelec The Ones 8341
  • 4x Genelec The Ones 8331
  • 2x Genelec 7370 subwoofer


Avid Pro Tools | S6 kontrollyta och Pro Tools | MTRX I/O interface hanterar utan problem stora mixprojekt.


Avid Pro Tools | S6,  Pro Tools | MTRX och 13 stykken Genelec högtalare ger Dolby Atmos-mixning.


Producent- och ljudteknikerna Seann Alderking och Jimmy Drew / Sonic Pump Studios: 

“The S6 in the main control room is awesome.  It’s comprehensive master section and generous fader count have allowed us to work in protools with all the flexibility and workflow of a large console yet when we travel back to London all our sessions and mixes will remain exactly the same as we scale down to just a laptop.”

Noggrannhet är viktigt

“The Genelec monitoring system is sublime – we’ve been listening to them non-stop for hours a day and they never feel fatiguing, but don’t fear when you want to just take a step back and listen, you can ‘crank it’ and they are so rewarding!  Some of the promo material we’re working on will be heard on huge PA systems and its fantastic to know that the extended frequency response of the subs in Sonic Pump mean we can be confident our mixes will effortlessly transfer to these large systems.”

Seann Alderking och Jimmy Drew uppskattar Avid Pro Tools | S6 kontrollytan och Genelec lyssningen.


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